VerveTronix Elementary Series Tape Delay Pedal

Our new Tape warbling delay effect pedal is a simple layout delay pedal. Made of aluminium alloy chassis like all our Elementary Series this pedals will withstand onstage stomping. 

Added unique feature to this pedal is the ability to save and lock the knob settings on your pedal. This can be very useful after you have adjusted the delay parameters you can simply long press the stomp switch and save your settings and then double click the stomp box switch to boot into LOCK mode(red led). Now all your previous knobs and parameter settings are saved and turning the knobs won’t have any change in the sound since you are in LOCK mode. To exit this mode simply double click the stomp switch and you will be back to your Normal mode (green LED). This feature can be very handy specially during travelling!

Control settings on this pedal is pretty self explaining. 

Level knob: Overall volume of the delay can be controlled by the Level knob. 

Repeat knob: Repeats or feedback can be controlled by the Repeat knob. At Minimum position Repeats are at 1. 

Time knob: Delay time can be adjusted by the big Time knob. 

3 way toggle switch changes mode from Clear, Normal and Reverse. 

Clear mode: Clear mode has a tape delay effect tone with a touch of hall reverb effect giving more of a ambient delay with reverb tone. 

Normal Mode: Normal mode offers a tone similar to a tape machine.

Reverse Mode: Reverse mode emulates a reverse tape machine effect by slightly detaching one note from another. 

By adjusting the 3 way toggle switch and knobs you can experiment with a wide range of interesting varying tones from this pedal. 


Input: 1/4” Mono Jack (Impedance 470k)

Output: 1/4” Mono Jack (Impedance 100 ohms)

Power Requirements: 9v DC Center Negative polarity. 

Power Consumption: 90mA

Dimensions: 36(L)*90(W)*38(H)mm

Weight with box: 273 Grams

Our Elementary Series Guitar Pedals are appreciated by musicians for their simplicity and ease of use. Our delay pedal is incredibly compact in size which makes it pedalboard friendly.

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VerveTronix Elementary Series Tape Delay Pedal

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