New LR Baggs M80 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup


Get Natural Acoustic Guitar Sound Onstage

LR Baggs M80

Looking for the perfect blend of string and body in a soundhole pickup? The LR Baggs M80 acoustic guitar pickup does just what you want your acoustic guitar’s pickup to do – it brings the natural voice of your guitar to life onstage. Your strings will sound sweet but not too twangy and bright, which is a problem with many acoustic pickups. The M80 not only picks up your string sound, but also the vibrations of your guitar giving a complete sonic image of your instrument. And you’ll have full control of your detailed, full sound thanks to the LR Baggs M80’s built-in volume control. You’ll be glad to know that there’s a pre-wired strapjack harness, so installation should be a snap. Best of all, you can feel free to plug in and play all you want.

LR Baggs M80 Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup at a Glance:

  • Natural-sounding acoustic pickup
  • Choose active or passive modes
  • Captures the true sound of your guitar’s body

Natural-sounding acoustic pickup

Building upon LR Baggs successful M1 Active pickup, the M80 takes a floating second coil and turns it into a reactive body sensor. You get more of the motion and movement of the guitar translated into sound than ever before. This 3D body sensor is tuned to pick up the entire frequency range of the guitar adding richness and detail to the sound. The string signal and body sensor signal are then added together to give the LR Baggs M80 acoustic pickup a natural and lifelike sound.

Ready for the stage

Designed for use onstage and in the studio, the LR Baggs M80 acoustic pickup has many gig-worthy features. An easy to reach volume control lets you turn your guitar sound up or down on the fly without hassle. A convenient check battery light lets you know when your battery is getting low. If your battery dies at the gig, you can keep the show going by switching the pickup over to passive mode. Active mode adds a slight contour to your guitar’s EQ that is perfect for any style of playing. The LR Baggs M80 is also designed to be used at high volumes without feedback issues.

Captures the true sound of your guitar’s body

The 3D body sensor captures the sound of your guitar like never before. You’ll notice that when you tap or slap your guitar percussively, the LR Baggs M80 picks up that sound just like a microphone would. The idea behind the M80 is that the entire guitar is important to the sound, not just your strings. Most soundhole pickups only worry about the strings, and piezo pickups aren’t able to get the full sound of the guitar. LR Baggs designed the M80 to grab every detail on the instrument for the best sound reproduction possible.

LR Baggs M80 Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features:

  • Acoustic guitar pickup that captures the sound of the guitar’s body
  • Active and passive pickup modes
  • Reproduces the richness and complexity of your guitars sound
  • Great for strumming and fingerpicking

Capture the true sound of your guitar with the LR Baggs M80 active acoustic guitar pickup!

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LR Baggs M80 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

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