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Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-effect Processor

"The long-awaited follow up to the GT-10 has arrived. Meet the new BOSS effects flagship, the GT-100..

Rs.48,925 Ex Tax: Rs.41,462

Boss GT-Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor

"S B Music introduces the Boss GT-Pro Effects Processor, an incredibly powerful rack processor. It b..

Rs.94,436 Ex Tax: Rs.80,030

Boss ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

"S B Music introduces the Boss ME-25 multi-effects pedal provides a collection of additional sounds ..

Rs.19,621 Ex Tax: Rs.16,628

Boss ME20 Guitar Effects Processor

"S B Music presents the Roland Boss ME-20. From the smallest compact pedal to the most feature-..

Rs.19,002 Ex Tax: Rs.16,103

Boss PSA-230S AC Power Adapter

Boss PSA-230S AC Power Adapter. The PSA-230S is the recommended power supply for products including..

Rs.2,731 Ex Tax: Rs.2,314

Fractal Audio AXE EFX II XL

"XL: The Ultimate Guitar Processor  The Axe-Fx II XL is the ultimate all-in-one preamp/effects..

Rs.278,756 Ex Tax: Rs.236,234

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Preamp/FX Rack Processor

"The Axe-Fx II is an all-in-one preamp/effects processor. It contains a incredible virtual inventory..

Rs.216,178 Ex Tax: Rs.183,202

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL Plus Guitar Effects Processor

"S B Music India introduces Fractal Audio Axe-Fx XL Plus ! XL+: The Ultimate Guitar Processor The ..

Rs.290,134 Ex Tax: Rs.245,876

Line 6 POD HD 300 Guitar Effects Processor

"The HD modeling in these PODs is an impressive feat, POD HD provides previously unachievable sensit..

Rs.29,894 Ex Tax: Rs.25,334

Line 6 POD HD 500X Guitar Effects Processor

Line 6 POD HD 500X Guitar Effects Processor Efx/Pedals Processors "For nearly two decades, Line 6..

Rs.44,000 Ex Tax: Rs.37,288

Line 6 POD HD400 Guitar Effects Processor

"The HD modeling in these PODs provides previously unachievable sensitivity for a more realistic int..

Rs.35,898 Ex Tax: Rs.30,422

Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Effects Processor

"Using updated modeling technologies, Line 6's PODHD modeling processor pedalboards have achieved a ..

Rs.48,925 Ex Tax: Rs.41,462

Nux PG1 Guitar Effects Processor

"PG-1 Portable Guitar EFX The PG-1 delivers what you want; when you are ready to rock out, wherever..

Rs.3,983 Ex Tax: Rs.3,376

Tech 21 Sansamp PSA 1.1 230V Pre-amp

The SansAmp PSA has been used on major releases and worldwide tours for multiple applications an..

Rs.58,178 Ex Tax: Rs.49,303

VerveTronix MOJO USB MIDI Footcontroller

VerveTronix introduces MOJO the “plug and play” USB MIDI foot controller – it comes pre-programmed a..

Rs.15,000 Ex Tax: Rs.12,712